Visitor Info

Zuni Pueblo has always been welcoming to visitors who come into our community to learn more about our people and culture, and to purchase arts and crafts from our talented Zuni artisans and businesses along Zuni Pueblo MainStreet. As a multi-faceted community, there are many things that visitors to Zuni can partake in at various times of the year.

The first recommended stop is the Zuni Visitor Center, where you can obtain general information about our unique community and learn proper visitor etiquette, purchase photo/video permits, and inquire about the Zuni Pueblo ArtWalk. Visitors are welcome to sign up for tours of our historic Middle Village, considered the oldest part of Zuni Pueblo. More intrepid visitors can sign up to visit the ancestral village of Hawikku, where European explorers to the “New World” first made contact with the A:shiwi in 1539. Or some may be interested in visiting the Village of the Great Kivas, believed to be a Chacoan outlier. For more information on additional tours and pricing, click HERE or call the Visitors Center at (505) 782-7238.

Many of Zuni Pueblo’s events are open to the public, and photography of these events and scenery is usually allowed with a valid photo permit. However, please note that whenever religious dances and activities are occurring in the Middle Village area, photography is forbidden and no photo permits will be issued. Visitor Center staff can advise you accordingly.

Below is a partial listing of some of the public events and places that visitors to Zuni are welcome to visit. This page will be continually updated as changes occur. For more information about visiting Zuni Pueblo, please visit the Zuni Tourism website, or call (505) 782-7238.


  • Zuni Pueblo ArtWalk (ongoing throughout the year)
  • Valentine’s Art Market and dances (February)
  • Zuni Pueblo MainStreet Festival (first Saturday in May)
  • July 4th events (on or around July 4th)
  • Zuni Tribal Fair (Labor Day weekend)
  • Ancient Way Fall Festival (October)
  • Zuni Christmas Light Parade (late November)
  • Holiday Arts Market (November/December)

Places to Visit:

  • Zuni Visitor Center / Zuni Pueblo MainStreet
    (1239 Highway 53; 505-782-7238/7239;;
  • A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center – Tribal museum
    (02E Ojo Caliente Road;
  • COMING SOON: Ho’n A:wan Community Park (an ArtPlace America/Zuni Youth Enrichment Project (ZYEP) initiative)
  • A:shiwi College and Career Readiness Center
  • Zuni Eagle Aviary / Department of Natural Resources
  • Zuni Public Library
  • Zuni Wellness Center – gymnasium and workout rooms
  • Zuni Senior Center
  • Zuni Veterans Park – east Zuni, at the intersection of Highway 53 and Route 301 South
  • Zuni Community Trails – walking/running trails. Map available; all trails located within 5 miles of Zuni Pueblo
  • Nutria and Ojo Caliente Lakes – camping/picnic area/fishing; both located about 15-20 miles outside of the immediate Zuni Pueblo.

Places to eat

  • Chu-chu’s Restaurant – full restaurant featuring American, Mexican and other items.
  • Halona Plaza Deli – featuring the “world famous” Halona chicken, burgers and other items; limited seating.
  • Halona Marketplace – daily lunch combo specials, including a variety of chicken wings
  • Zuni Express – varied menu items, including delicious green/red chili cheese fries; limited seating.
  • Subway (deli located inside Giant Gas Station); limited seating
  • Village Bistro (across from Turquoise Village)

Businesses / Banks / ATMs

  • A:shiwi Transit – FREE local transportation service to various locations within Zuni Pueblo, and paid transportation service to Gallup.
  • Paywa Bakery – fresh-baked Zuni bread and pastries; intermittent schedule
  • Zuni Express – convenience store, gas and deli
  • First Financial Credit Union – banking services and ATM
  • All Tribes Indian Market (1222 Hwy. 53) – offering a wide selection of Native jewelry, arts and crafts
  • Cellular One – regional cellphone services
  • Pueblo Traders – offering a wide variety of Native jewelry, arts and crafts
  • Zuni Post Office – basic mailing services, money orders
  • Zuni Tribal Offices – Wells Fargo and US Bank ATMs
  • All Tribes Trading Post (1196 Hwy. 53) – offering a wide selection of Native jewelry, arts and crafts
  • Giant Gas Station and Convenience Store- gas station, Subway, convenience store, money orders and ATM
  • Pueblo Trading Post – offering a variety of raw materials for jewelry making/fetish carving
  • Turquoise Village – offering a selection of Zuni and Native arts and crafts and raw materials
  • Zuni Craftsmen Cooperative – selling a selection of Native arts/crafts and raw materials.
  • Halona Plaza/Inn at Halona – convenience store and deli, MoneyGram services, bed and breakfast
  • Halona Marketplace – full service grocery store, deli
  • A-X Propane – propane sales
  • White’s Hardware/Auto – hardware store and auto repair services