Keshhi! Welcome to Zuni Pueblo MainStreet!

Ko’ don dewanan a:deyaye? (How are you doing this day?)

In July of 2012, Zuni Pueblo became the first Native American community to be designated as a MainStreet community in the United States. The Zuni Pueblo MainStreet organization was created to encourage revitalization of our local economy while continuing to preserve the unique traditional and historic elements of Zuni Pueblo.

By utilizing the framework of the MainStreet Four-Point Approach®, Zuni Pueblo MainStreet seeks to promote an entirely community-driven process that brings stakeholders together, inviting them to be proactive participants in the economic revitalization process. Communities are encouraged to work together to identify and implement a set of Economic Transformation Strategies that provide a clear sense of priorities and direction for revitalization efforts.

Please explore our website for additional information about Zuni Pueblo MainStreet.