2017 Festival

2107 Zuni Pueblo MainStreet Festival Theme:
Revitalize Zuni Pueblo’s Future
“Support our local businesses, arts and community.”

Please enjoy this video of our 5th Annual Zuni MainStreet Festival!

A very heartfelt ELAHKWA goes out to the following sponsors below, who contributed towards the Zuni Pueblo MainStreet Festival Art Competition. ELAHKWA for your continued support for Zuni Arts!

• Cabot Henderson
• Panteah & Associates, LLC
• Keshi: The Zuni Connection
• Micheal & Katie Richarme
• Turquoise Village
• Ben Bowen & Renee Kosslak
• Toshio Sei
• Armand Antommaria
• Linda Delano
• Pueblo Direct
• Zuni Craftsman Co-op
• Anthony Pilny
• Gary & Lisa Johnson
• Glenn McDonnell
• John & Janet Rusin


ELAHKWA to the following individuals and business sponsors below, who contributed towards the Zuni Pueblo MainStreet Festival arts competition (some are mentioned above), general Festival sponsorship, and prizes for the watermelon eating contest and raffle. We appreciate your continued support of the Zuni Pueblo MainStreet Festival!

ELAHKWA to the following Pueblo of Zuni programs, who participated and/or graciously contributed time and resources towards the Zuni Pueblo MainStreet Festival. We sincerely appreciate your support of this year’s Festival!

  • Governor Panteah and Zuni Tribal Council
  • Zuni Visitor Center (Tom Kennedy and Marla Lalio)
  • Zuni Environmental Protection Program (Tammy Parker and staff)
  • Zuni Transfer Station/Waste Management (Annette Lorenzo and staff)
  • Zuni Healthy Lifestyles/DIPS program (Ruby Wolf, Kathy Natachu and staff)
  • Zuni Head Start (Kathy Romancito and Class 207 – Ms. Breanna Wallace and Ms. Alecka Seowtewa)
  • Zuni Senior Center
  • Safety/Injury Prevention Office
  • Taxation and Revenue Office
  • Game and Fish
  • GIS office
  • Zuni Conservation Program (Darren Sanchez, Daniel Bowannie and the Hazardous Fuels Crew)
  • Facilities Management (Marvina Dishta, Calvert Martinez and staff)
  • Property and Supply
  • Probation/Community Service Workers (Karen Cooeyate, Donovan Tsadiasi and staff)
  • Zuni Fair volunteers
  • PBX/Info. Technology
  • Zuni Education, Career and Development Center (Bernadette Panteah and staff)
  • Zuni Police Department
  • Zuni Fire/EMS
  • WIC Program